Name of Training Course
Polymorphic Crisis Management Stragart (Initial Course)

Practical training of executives in the area of general company management and crisis management in particular based on the proven management techniques in the field. Knowledge transfer based on actual cases.

The course is 90% practical and 10% theory.

On the last day participants will work in small groups and then in a simulated crisis management unit.

General and Specific Objectives
Acquire basic knowledge with a view to applying planning and management processes in a structured manner during crisis situations.
Apply the mantra FACTS – DEDUCTIONS – ACTIONS as well as the “Think in alternatives” methodology with the aim of generating and presenting realisable solutions within allowable lead times.
Use and apply display and presentation techniques.
Transfer knowledge acquired during the course into the daily working environment.

Skills Acquired
Basic crisis management knowledge. Methodology for managing sensitive situations including while under stress. The skills acquired will benefit the company and how it manages crises.


Professional Context
Methodical approach and ability to manage a crisis in a structured way.

The course is in French.
Complete availability of participants throughout the length of the course.

Qualification Issued
Course certificate “Polymorphic crisis management – Initial Course”. The course is eduQua certified.

24 hours over 3 days. Tuesday 14:00 H to Friday 12:00 H