International WHM Officer Certificate


The international wildlife hazard management officer certificate is a continuous training course over a 3 month period consisting of two one week training modules.
The first module trains participants in the basics of airport wildlife hazard management. They will be operationally capable on completing this first module.
The second module is for knowledge building so that participants can train in what they have learned and consolidate their capabilities.

General and Specific Objectives :
- Know the main wildlife species and their behaviour as well as their living environment
- Acquire knowledge in order to put in place a management concept of wildlife and manage wildlife hazard on its airport
- Be proficient in active management and prevention techniques
- Use of statistical tools

Skills Acquired
At the end of the course, trainees will be able to recognise the main species of birds and animals at their airport and be able to use active control techniques against animals that constitute a threat to aviation, as well as being able to manage procedures for preventing wildlife hazards from affecting airports. They will also be able to implement tools for wildlife risk analysis in accordance with EASA requirements.


Professional Context
WHM Officers are active at an airport alongside a WHM specialist. They may also work at an airport where the number of movements enables WHM to be combined with other responsibilities. At the end of this training the WHM Officer can evolve as Manager / Referrer / Key person of the Wildlife Hazard Management on an airport platform.

Familiarity with the airport environment. Sufficient level of linguistic capability.

Qualification Issued
International WHM Officer Certificate

70 hours. 2 modules of 5 days each
Monday 13:30 H to Friday 16:00 H