Investing in training means combining a focus on people with a focuson results both now and in the future. (Philippe Bloch, well known speaker)

Our Mission

The range of training courses developed by Airtrace meet eduQua quality standards and are based on integrated management system principles that meet quality, environmental, safety and sustainable development criteria.

Our mission to be a training provider for our partners and our international aeronautical clients is based on a charter which defines our objectives and our commitments.

Our Objectives

Depending on the identified requirements of our partners and customers we want to enable training participants to :

  • Acquire skills that directly relate to their work ;
  • Strengthen their knowledge in terms of airport environmental factors ;
  • Increase their know-how from Airtrace’s experience ;
  • Manage their new knowledge and skills within their professional life.

Our Commitment

  • Focused services that directly relate to our client’s needs in terms of airport environmental management ;
  • Practical support for immediate implementation of training lessons in the field ;
  • A multi-disciplinary team which bases its training on real world concrete experience ;
  • A specific methodology for each training course and participant that matches real requirements.

Quality Guarantee

In accordance with our company policy we want to provide absolutely first rate training services and quality course materials. That’s why we offer :

  • Preferred communication with our partners ;
  • Prioritised access to training materials and documentation ;
  • Personalised dialogue between trainees and our trainers ;
  • Utter confidentiality for discussions with trainees ;
  • Personalised training course development ;
  • Structured assessment of what is being taught ;
  • Methodical checks on knowledge and skills obtained ;
  • Complete transparency in feedback.

Educational Support

Support from the Airports Council International (ACI) via the ACI Fund for airports in developing countries by providing training grants for each training session delivered.